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Minutes – April 09, 2014



Richard Schinner (RS)




VP 1

Lisa Goodman (LG)



VP 2

David Haas (DH)





Mark Tabar (MT)





Michelle Katon (MK)






Lisa Goodman


Richard Schinner





Call To Order:

President Called Meeting to Order at 7:08 PM.

Absent Members:

Mark Tabar, Michelle Katon


Diane Tillery

David Gardner

Guest Presentations:

David Gardner – the Association attorney gave a short presentation on the current standing of the case of PGC wanting to develop their property into townhomes.  PGC would like to be Annexed into the City of Gaithersburg, which according to Gardner has different less stringent zoning requirements than Park and Planning.    In the past, the HOA has successfully stopped PGC from changing the zoning to develop this property as a mixed use property.  The current proposal is to install 230 apartments on the garden site.  Mr. Gardner will stay on top of this issue and advise the Board throughout the year.

Treasurers Report:                  Richard Schinner presented the treasures report.  The Association is in good standing and has been able to continue to fund all its reserve requirements.  Budget for 2014 was approved with no assessment increase.


Old Business:                           A request came in for the community to consider spraying the tot lots and creek areas, as well as the courtyard townhouse area for mosquitoes.  The Board has approved this expense for 2014.


Changes to the ARC guidelines were discussed.  The colors schemes were modified to greater detail for the townhomes and the change to allow for straight rails in lieu of the “Chippendale” design for decks and front porches in the townhome area.  These guidelines have been approved and a signed copy will be forward to the association’s attorney, David Gardner.


The BOD has asked all single-family homeowners to trim and elevate the street trees in front of their homes.  The BOD will instruct our landscaper to do the same for any trees along sidewalks on HOA property.


Homeowners were reminded that with the spring season here that the Board would be doing an ARC inspection and to be sure to submit any requests for ARC changes prior to making the change. 


New Business:                          Board member Lisa Goodman asked for volunteers in the community;       specifically to serve on the ARC and a social committee.  Sarah Gorfinkel spoke up and volunteered to look at starting a community listserv to get more information out to the neighborhood.  In addition, Sara volunteered to handle an “ice cream social” and help out with the community picnic.


                                                     The Orchard Knolls Community Picnic will be returning in 2014.  This picnic will be held in the TH parking lot on Cherry Blossom Place and is free to residents that live in the community.  The event will provide food, entertainment and amusements for the kids.  September 21, 2014 from 12-4.


New ARC:                                  Lisa Goodman, George Puddington and Paul Hugh volunteered to be on the ARC committee.


Election of Board Member:  Diane Tillery advised that she was responsible for the mailing of the announcement to the community announcing the General Membership meeting.  Diane advised that due to problems obtaining the space, the meeting date was changed three times to tonight and that three separate mailings were done personally by her to each homeowner announcing the meeting, date and location.


                                                     Each mailing included a proxy that allowed the Board to reach a quorum to host the Annual meeting.  The quorum was met in person and proxy.


                                                     As each homeowner arrived, they signed the registration and were given one ballot per household for the election. 


                                                     Diane advised that there were two persons running for the Board.  Ali Rad of Cherry Blossom Lane and Michelle Katon of Blackberry Terrace have both stepped forward.  Ali was given 5 minutes to introduce himself and state his position.  Next Diane read a letter written by Michelle Katon, who was unable to attend.


George Puddington was selected to count the ballots and announced that Michelle Katon had won the election.


ADJOURNMENT Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 2014



Diane Tillery