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Minutes – April 16, 2015



Richard Schinner (RS)




VP 1

Lisa Goodman (LG)




VP 2

David Haas (DH)





Mark Tabar (MT)





Michelle Katon (MK)






Lisa Goodman - present


George Puddington - absent


Paul Hughes -present



Call To Order:

President  Rick Schinner called the meeting to Order at 7:05 PM.

Absent Members:

Michelle Katon


Diane Tillery


Diane Tillery read the 2014 minutes aloud.  A motion to approve the minutes

Was made by Mark Tabar and seconded by David Haas.  All four members

voted to approve 2014 minutes.

Treasurers Report:                  The Association is in good standing and has been able to continue to fund all its reserve requirements.  Budget for 2015 was approved with no assessment increase.  A copy of the approved budget was circulated.  There were several questions from residents about expenditures and how the Association money is being spent.  Mr. Ng asked for a copy of the year end expenses for 2014.  Diane will request a copy of that from ABS and a copy of the 2013 audit of the Association accounts for Mr. Ng.  Repeated questions about who authorizes the checks written by ABS.


Old Business:                           In 2014, the Board approved the use of Association funds to try a mosquito spraying prevention in the tot lot and TH courtyard area.   This project was a huge success and will be repeated in these areas in 2015.


Homeowners were reminded that with the spring season here that the Board would be doing an ARC inspection and to be sure to submit any requests for ARC changes prior to making the change.  The appropriate forms are on line at www.orchardknoll.org 


                                                     Sara volunteered to handle an “ice cream social” again this year.  Board will advise shortly if there are the funds for this event.    The board will also make a decision in the coming months about repeating the picnic.  There were nice comments about the return of the community picnic.



                                                     Rick Schinner talked about the work done in the community in the last year.  The mailbox gazebo in the TH’s area had the flooring replaced with flagstone after the concrete was broken and cracked.  This should last another 20 years with the elements.  In addition, one of the bridges was replaced with trex flooring and railing.  There was some vandalism to a tot lot bench that was painted over.


New Business:                          In 2015, the Board will be looking to replace the decking and rails on the large bridge in the park area with trex as well. One homeowner pointed out that the steps in the tot lot area poise a trip hazard.  Rick will have our contractor look at this.   In addition, a roadway and sidewalk assessment will be completed to determine if the TH roadways are going to be completed removed and replaced and the cost of doing all four sections at once as well as sidewalk replacements.


                                                     Diane Tillery mailed out copies of the parking regulations for review.  There are several new homeowners that are unfamiliar with the parking restrictions on Cherry Blossom Place.  Paul Hughes has been designated by the Board to identify violators.  Several of these violators were upset that masking tape had been applied to their vehicles to attach a violation notice.  There was one person in attendance that wanted to discuss this issue however she was stopped because she is not an owner or resident of OK.  The parking regulations were from the original documents and will be recorded at the courthouse.


                                                     Diane Tillery mailed out copies of the ARC guidelines.  Rick discussed the couple of changes.  These will also be recorded at the courthouse.  There was some discussion about homeowners keeping their trash cans out of sight.  Diane will monitor this in the community.


                                                     There was a discussion about the police officers in the community.  While several folks loved having them in the community, they believe they should move around the community more, and be out on foot occasionally.  Diane will talk to the officers about this.


                                                     One homeowner expressed concern that her area in the TH’s had not gotten any mulch under the trees that had recently been trimmed up from the bottom.  This is the area to the rear of the left side of Cherry Blossom Court.  Rick will have Carlos examine this area. 


                                                     There was a request by Sara Gorfinkel to consider updating the tot lot equipment.  Lisa agreed to sit on a committee to determine the need and cost of such replacements.    Sara also mentioned that she brought her laptop with her to update the list serv for the community.


                                                     Two homeowners mentioned that they have had vehicles broken into in the last month.  David Haas advised that his was as well but nothing was taken.  Diane will alert officers and the police department.


                                                     A homeowner from Gooseberry Court requested that the trees be “trimmed up” because it is difficult to see around the circle because of the trees and cars that park in the circle. 


Election/ Board Member:    Diane Tillery advised that she was responsible for the mailing of the announcement to the community announcing the General Membership meeting.  Diane advised that the mailing was done personally by her to each homeowner announcing the meeting, date and location.


                                                     Each mailing included a proxy that allowed the Board to reach a quorum to host the Annual meeting.  The quorum was met in person and proxy.


                                                     As each homeowner arrived, they signed the registration and were given one ballot per household for the election. 


                                                     Diane advised that there were two positions available for a three year term on the Board.  David Haas and Lisa Goodman have indicated their intent to run again.  There we no other nominations from the floor.  By a show of hands, David and Lisa were elected for another 3 year term.



ADJOURNMENT Meeting adjourned at 8:42 pm.

The next meeting is scheduled for June 2015



Diane Tillery