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Minutes – April 13, 2016

(General Membership Meeting)



Richard Schinner (RS)




VP 1

Lisa Goodman (LG)




VP 2

David Haas (DH)





Mark Tabar (MT)





Michelle Katon (MK)






Lisa Goodman - present


George Puddington - absent


Paul Hughes - absent



Call To Order:

President  Rick Schinner called the meeting to Order at 7:05 PM.


Rick introduced the board to the membership.

Minutes:                                      Copies of the minutes from the 2015 Annual Meeting were distributed to the membership. Mark made a motion to approve the minutes, Michelle seconded and minutes for the 2015 annual meeting were approved.



Treasurers Report:                  Mark read the treasurers report and Rick explained the assessment increase.  


Rick explained the reason for the increases and talked about the need for a reserve study.  Rick will contact the company to complete the study.


Business:                                    There was a discussion about the condition of the tot lot off Blackberry.  Several residents requested the Board consider Sarah Gorfinkel, David Becker and Mel Feldman to work with Lisa to consider options.  This is a cost issue and it may have to be a special assessment to consider depending on the cost.


There was a discussion about the overflow parking from the garage townhouses. Cars should park on Blackberry parallel to the Blackberry along the fence line and not in the Cherry Blossom Place lot.


The board has received several complaints about trash can and recycle are to be out of sight.  This continues to be a problem the Board will consider in the future.


The board will schedule a walk through to look at houses in need.  


The board will consider one Pet waste - station with the waste to be emptied as part of the landscaping contract.


There was a drug arrest on Blackberry Drive in March.  The police were called for a suspicious person and smelled marijuana.  The driver from Germantown was arrested and vehicle towed from the scene. The passenger was free to go.


During the holidays, PGC experienced a burglary - the culprits parked in the senior parking lot and trekked stole poinsettias across OK and escaped undetected.  The trail of red leaves explained the plan.


Talked about additional lighting - lighting along the path.

A suggestion was made to add a dummy camera to capture the park activity.


Magruders and Johnson Properties: 14 acre parcel is currently under consideration for development and zoning changes.  There are work groups that David is involved in. Johnson isn't a developer, but he wants to sell the property.110 houses 1/2 acre common area.   The original plan was 180 houses.  The communities impacted mostly do not want this high density


Pepco is looking to build a substation at the car of RT 28 and Riffleford Rd.


Diane created a Facebook page for the community to share information.


                                                     A homeowner expressed concern that her area in the TH’s had not gotten any mulch under the trees that had recently been trimmed up from the bottom.  This is the area to the rear of the left side of Cherry Blossom Court.  Rick will have Carlos examine this area. 



Election/ Board Member:    Diane Tillery advised that she was responsible for the mailing of the announcement to the community announcing the General Membership meeting.  Diane advised that the mailing was done personally by her to each homeowner announcing the meeting, date and location.


                                                     Each mailing included a proxy that allowed the Board to reach a quorum to host the Annual meeting.  The quorum was met in person and proxy.


                                                     As each homeowner arrived, they signed the registration and were given one ballot per household for the election. 


                                                     Diane advised that there were two positions available for a three year term on the Board.  Rick Schinner and Mark Tabar have indicated their intent to run again.  A nomination was made from the floor for Sara Gorfinkel.  Lisa, David and Michelle made comments.  Sara, Rick and Mark commented on their desire to serve and their qualifications.  By a count of the ballots by George Puddington (volunteer), Rick and Mark were elected for another 3-year term.



ADJOURNMENT                 Meeting adjourned at 8:42 pm.


The next BOD meeting is scheduled for June 16, 2015



Diane Tillery